Heavy Truck Solutions is a family owned & operated manufacturer/supplier of innovative heavy truck parts in Mesa, AZ. It was founded in 2014 to meet the growing need for money-saving & innovative solutions to hard to solve problems in the trucking industry.
We have been running & operating our own fleet of Kenworth trucks for over 20 years and were tired of wasting our hard-earned dollars on inferior and costly solutions, so we innovated our own parts. All are engineered with the same quality & craftsmanship we demand for our own fleet and proudly made in the USA.
Our 1st patent-pending product to market is the Leak Defender®, a fuel neck adapter which stops leaking fuel caps on medium and heavy-duty trucks by offering a completely new sealing surface and cap, solving the problem completely. Currently, there is no other paramount solution to this problem and fleet owners and operators implement expensive (e.g. replace fuel tank) and/or temporary solutions (e.g. constantly replace the cap).

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