Leak Defender® for Kenworths

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Dring huge semis on the road, carrying important freight, and stopping to fill up on gas — it all comes together to keep the supply chain moving across the United States. Caring for your fuel cap and vehicle as a whole has never been easier with Heavy Truck Solutions and our diesel tank cap solutions.

Introducing Leak Defender® for Kenworths —  the ultimate solution to fuel cap leaks on your Kenworth trucks. This two-piece fuel tank adapter system is designed specifically for Kenworth trucks to ensure a tight and secure seal, eliminating fuel cap leaks once and for all.

Leak Defender® for Kenworths


2-PC. Fuel Tank Adapter System Consisting of a Collar + Fuel Cap. Designed to Stop Fuel Cap Leaks on Kenworth Trucks. 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

NOTE: Sold Individually. If You Have Dual Tanks, You Will Need To Purchase Two.

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Leak Defender®






  • Leak Defender® Cap & Collar Kit
  • Fits A Fuel Filler Neck Diameter of 3.5″
  • Threaded – 6 TPI
  • 2.75″ Total Height With Cap
  • 4.25″ Cap Diameter

Protect Your Kenworth Fuel Tank

With this variation of the Leak Defender®,  you can say goodbye to annoying and potentially costly fuel leaks that may lead to fuel wastage, contamination, and potential safety hazards. This diesel tank cap is expertly crafted to fit a fuel filler neck diameter of 3.5″ and has a threaded design with 6 TPI for maximum security and durability.

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Easy, Seamless Installation

This tank gap kit comes with all the necessary components, making it a hassle-free process for truck owners and drivers. Simply attach the collar onto the fuel filler neck and screw on the cap tightly, ensuring a snug fit. You can expect it to seamlessly integrate with your truck’s existing fuel system, whether you have dual tanks (in which case, purchasing two is highly recommended) or not.

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Don’t let fuel cap leaks slow you down or lead to unnecessary expenses. Invest in Leak Defender® for Kenworths today and experience the benefits of a secure and leak-free fuel system. Keep your trucks running smoothly and efficiently with all the diesel tank caps from Heavy Truck Solutions!

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