How The Leak Defender® Works

How The Leak Defender® Works

At Heavy Truck Solutions, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to the most common problems faced by heavy truck owners. The Leak Defender® is a two-piece fuel tank adapter system that ensures a leak-proof fuel cap. By investing in The Leak Defender®, truck owners can effectively reduce downtime, keep their fuel tank clean, and significantly cut down on repair costs.

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A Reliable Two-Piece Fuel Tank Adapter System

The Leak Defender® is designed to deliver a reliable solution to worn threads and missing seals in fuel necks and caps. With its two-piece design, consisting of a collar and cap, it effectively seals the fuel tank, preventing any fuel leakage that can lead to various problems. This innovative system ensures a secure and leak-proof fuel cap, providing peace of mind to heavy truck owners. 

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Old Fuel Neck Replacement Solution

This locking gas cap is also designed to seamlessly attach to and replace your old, worn fuel neck. Equipped with an o-ring underneath, it forms a tight seal to your existing fuel neck when securely tightened using a strap wrench and set screws. Its unique design focuses on sealing along the outer perimeter, protecting it from the wear and tear of everyday fueling. 

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Precise and Durable Design

Machined from billet aluminum, The Leak Defender® ensures exceptional precision and durability to withstand the wear and tear of daily fueling. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our fuel cap replacements for popular truck models like Peterbilt, Kenworth, International, and more. With The Leak Defender®, you can trust that your gas tank will always be securely sealed, regardless of the conditions you face.

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Keeping Fuel Tanks Clean and Safe

A clean fuel tank is essential for maintaining optimal fuel efficiency and preventing contamination. The Leak Defender® acts as a barrier, preventing dirt, moisture, and debris from entering the fuel tank. This feature not only helps improve fuel quality but also extends the lifespan of the fuel system components. The Leak Defender® offered by Heavy Truck Solutions is a testament to our commitment to providing practical, efficient, and reliable solutions for heavy truck owners. Don’t let leaky fuel caps become a source of frustration and expense — choose The Leak Defender® and experience improved fuel efficiency and peace of mind. Contact us today!

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