Heavy Truck Solutions Debuts Patent Pending Product to Stop Leaking Fuel Caps on Heavy Duty Trucks

Heavy Truck Solutions is debuting its revolutionary heavy duty fuel neck attachment & cap system, the Leak Defender, for the commercial trucking industry at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) booth 70,100.

MESA, AZ, March 26, 2015 – During regular use, the threads of a heavy truck’s fuel neck wear and diesel will leak out onto the fuel tank. This not only looks bad, but can cause fuel to leak out onto the road and become a DOT compliance issue. The Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated that the fuel Leak Defender® + Anti-Siphon - Stop Leaking Fuel Caps & Fuel Theft on Kenworthssystems on heavy trucks are properly sealed and free from leaks. Heavy Truck Solutions has responded with its revolutionary patent-pending product, the Leak Defender. Currently, there is no other paramount answer to this problem and fleet owners and drivers implement expensive (e.g. replace fuel tank) or futile solutions (e.g. constantly replace the fuel cap). “I wanted to offer a better, more cost-effective solution.” said, company owner, Carlos Davito. “My goal was to develop a reliable product that was quick to install and kept my fleet on the road with no downtime. So I came up with the answer”

The advanced features of the new fuel neck attachment and cap system make it virtually impossible for fuel tanks to leak. When attached, the system provides a completely new sealing surface made of billet aluminum to withstand the wear and tear of everyday fueling. It seals along the outer perimeter of the fuel neck, away from the inner perimeter which is prone to nicks and abrasions. Also, the ergonomic cap allows for easy fill-ups at the pump, looks great and keeps your tank clean.

Pricing and Availability

The Leak Defender with options to include an anti-siphon device is available now on our website and retailers to come. For consumers, pricing starts at $249.99. For distributor and retailer pricing, please contact us here.

About Heavy Truck Solutions

Heavy Truck Solutions is a newly launched, family owned & operated manufacturer/supplier of innovative heavy truck parts in Mesa, AZ. It was founded in 2014 to meet the growing need for money-saving & innovative solutions to hard to solve problems in the trucking industry.

We have been running and operating our own fleet of trucks for over 20 years and were tired of wasting our hard-earned dollars on inferior and costly solutions, so we innovated our own parts. All are engineered with the same quality & craftsmanship we demand for our own fleet and proudly made in the USA.