Top Four Manufacturers We Sell Fuel Cap Replacement For!

If you’re not sure where to get a fuel cap replacement for your big rig, then we have some good news for you. Heavy Truck Solutions offers fuel caps for all the biggest truck manufacturers, including Peterbilt and Kenworth.

Semi truck


2022 marks Freightliner’s 80th anniversary, a testament to their history in the industry. Even though they’ve been producing reliable, high-quality trucks for years, Freightliner continues to look to the future for inspiration. With integrated Detroit technology and a focus on innovation, Freightliner is a manufacturer that we’re proud to offer fuel caps for.

Peterbilt truck


They say everything’s bigger in Texas and Peterbilt trucks are no exception. Based in the Lone Star State for over eight decades, Peterbilt has been a true pioneer in the trucking industry. Even today, they continue to be guided by the ideals of innovation and craftsmanship. Peterbilt trucks are built to last, and we supply all the fuel cap replacement parts needed to keep them going strong.


Kenworth is another mainstay in the trucking industry, offering reliable, efficient, and productive transportation solutions to drivers since their founding. Kenworth’s history is as impressive as its future looks to be, and we’ll have all the supplies necessary to fuel these rigs along the way.

Red semi truck


International is all about its “driver first” philosophy: a commitment to building trucks that aren’t only reliable, but ones that truckers want to drive every day. At Heavy Truck Solutions we understand that vision, which is why we supply THE fuel cap and anti-syphon needed to make International truck drivers more secure and productive in their vehicles.

Every trucker has a favorite truck manufacturer, and some might even fight over which one’s best. While we love that passion, we’re happy to offer fuel cap replacement parts for all major truck manufacturers. Visit our product page to learn more about our truck accessories!

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